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One thing for sure – once you have read this book, you will find it very compelling to change many things about your children’s lives as well as your own.  This book will change your life… and your children’s. Climate scientists and environmental experts are saying that, if we do not make drastic changes to what is happening on our planet, our children have no future. This book outlines your children’s and your own role in a plan that could save the planet for your children to have a future on.
The Independent Editors comment:  I found this book fascinating. It contains basic common sense easy to do things that will make a huge difference to health and to the future of the planet. It changed my perspective forever about all manner of aspects of my life. I think twice about what I do, what I buy now. I notice so many things I never noticed before. It’s easy to do the things we need to do to save our planet for our children.
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